Trump Demands You Turn Off The TV When They Talk About His Poll Numbers

Trump is now telling the American people to turn off their televisions when journalists report on his terrible poll numbers.

Trump tweeted:

Rasmussen is a conservative online only polling firm, and their numbers are not credible. Trump’s real polling average approval rating according to 538 is 40%. His disapproval is over 53%.

Trump can’t handle reality, and since he can’t stop journalists from reporting on his poll numbers, he is trying to stop his fans from hearing about them. It is only a matter of time until Trump starts releasing his own polls via his Twitter account that show him as the most popular president in history. Hopefully, no one teaches him how to post a Twitter poll, or things could get really ugly very quickly.

Donald Trump realizes that he can’t control the media, so he has moved on to trying to control what his supporters see and hear. If it all sounds very cultlike, that is because it is. Trump spends his time on Twitter reinforcing his cult of personality. He tells the cult what is real and what isn’t. He tells them to only believe in him, and he makes himself the center of their universe.

It is more than Trump not being able to handle the truth. Trump is trying to build an army of mindless followers who only look to him for their reality.

Trump isn’t running a political party. He is building a cult.

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