As The White House Burns, Trump Surrogate Runs Away From Stormy Daniels Question


Trump surrogate Anthony Scaramucci immediately changed the subject to Melania when he was asked if Trump had an affair with Stormy Daniels.



When asked about Stormy Daniels, Scaramucci said, ” I don’t know that situation. But let’s talk about Melania for a second. She’s a wonderful person. She’s a great mom. She’s a great friend.”

Scaramucci later tried to blame the media for attacking Melania Trump, but what was missing in his answer was any reference to Stormy Daniels.

That was some deft verbal fleeing of a Stormy Daniels question by the Mooch, but his lack of a defense of Trump indicates that the White House knows that the Stormy Daniels scandal is a huge problem. Scaramuccui is a person who usually loudly defends Trump on every issue, so for him to say I don’t know about that situation is a giant red flag.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has refused to say anything more after she accidentally confirmed the affair during a White House press briefing. Trump world has gone silent on the Daniels issue. For a man who threatened to sue the dozens of women who accused him of sexual assault and sexual harassment during the campaign to suddenly have nothing to say about Stormy Daniels indicates that there is a lot more to this story than the public knows right now.

The White House is a chaotic dumpster fire, and Stormy Daniels is the gas can that is capable of burning it to the ground.

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