Trump Thinks He Is Going To Be Able To Lie To Mueller And Get Away With It


Trump has convinced himself that he can lie to Robert Mueller under oath and get away with it.

Video of Dep. Press Sec. Raj Shaw on Trump’s plans to testify under oath:

Transcript via ABC’s This Week:

KARL: All right, well let’s get to another topic where you can give me specifics, the Russia investigation. The president has told me twice now, once last year and once this year, that he will meet and talk to the special counsel, answer questions under oath. I assume the president plans to keep his word on that?


SHAH: Well, look, he’s also said that that will be in consultation with his attorneys. They have been in touch with the special counsel and they are — they’re going to be communicating back and forth —

KARL: But he said 100 percent to me, 100 percent yes. Is that — is there any —

SHAH: I’m sure he intends to. But — but what I’m saying is that his attorneys are communicating with the special counsel on the specifics regarding that.

Trump’s lawyers have admitted that they have to lie to him about the Russia investigation in order to keep him calm, so the president probably still believes that he would be able to sit down with Special Counsel Robert Mueller and lie to him while under oath.

Trump and those around him have gotten away with lying in civil suits for decades. They have never been in a situation as grave as a special counsel investigation. I have no doubt that the president that he can beat the wrap on the Russia investigation, but Robert Mueller is the attorney for some contractor that Trump decided not to pay.

If Trump lies to Mueller, it will be the worst mistake of his life.

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