House GOP Cuts All Ties With Reality By Ending Russia Probe And Declaring Trump Innocent

In the latest evidence that the GOP is more concerned about protecting the president than the country, Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee closed their investigation into Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election.

According to GOP members of the committee, there are two main reasons they are wrapping up their probe – both ranging from questionable to ridiculous: 1. There is no evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia; and 2. The Russians didn’t help Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

More from CNN:

The House Intelligence Committee has concluded its interviews for the investigation into possible collusion between President Donald Trump’s campaign operation and Russia, a move that signals the beginning of the end for the panel’s Russia probe, according to a source familiar with the matter.


Rep. Mike Conaway, the Texas Republican leading the Russia investigation, is expected to announce Monday that the committee has concluded its interviews and will now be moving onto writing a final report summarizing its findings.


The decision is expected to be met with sharp criticism from Democrats, who have said there are still scores of witnesses the committee should call, and argue that Republicans have failed to use subpoenas to obtain documents and require witnesses to answer questions that are central to the investigation.

Rep. Mike Conway, who is leading the committee’s investigation, said this, according to the New York Times:  “We disagree with the narrative that [the Russians] were trying to help Trump.”

As CNN pointed out after the news broke, the GOP has “reached an opposite conclusion Monday from the intelligence community they oversee” by claiming Vladimir Putin did not help the Trump campaign.

Of course, it’s easy for Conway and Republicans to make such ridiculous assertions when they had no intention of running a thorough investigation into Russia or its ties to the Trump campaign.

As Jason Easley wrote a short time ago, the GOP “ended the investigation into the Russia scandal without subpoenaing witnesses, documents, and text messages. The Republican report will be written with a singular goal in mind of protecting Trump, and trying to give him political cover from whatever Robert Mueller finds.”

Republicans are living in an alternative universe

While the Republicans remain firmly inside their alternative universe where Trump is innocent and the Russians did nothing wrong, special counsel Robert Mueller continues to turn over every stone possible in finding out what happened in 2016, whether the Trump campaign coordinated with the Russians, and whether the president himself obstructed justice.

As The New York Times pointed out on Monday, the decision by the House GOP to wrap up it’s Russia investigation comes at a time when Mueller appears to be expanding his. Already, the special counsel is pursuing criminal charges against four Trump associates – with more likely on the way.

Ultimately, the House GOP probe was a sham from the beginning, but Monday removed all doubt: The Republican Party is completely detached from reality.

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