Adam Schiff To Present Evidence Of Trump/Russia Collusion In Report

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said that he and Intelligence Committee Democrats would be presenting evidence of Trump/Russia in the Democratic report on the Russia investigation.

Greg Sargent of The Washington Post reported:

Schiff told me the minority report would set forth new facts not yet made public that will contradict the House GOP conclusions on both those fronts. He said he expected the GOP’s report to be “a far longer version of the Nunes memorandum, that will omit key material facts and misrepresent others in order to tell the president’s political narrative.”

“We will be presenting evidence of collusion, some of which is in the public domain and apparent to everyone willing to see it, and other facts that have not yet come to public light,” Schiff told me. “I fully expect that the majority will omit many of these facts in its report and mischaracterize others.”

Adam Schiff evidence of Trump/Russia collusion

In their effort to write a glowing pro-Trump report that expands the Russia cover-up, Nunes and Trump made a huge strategic error. It can be argued that Republicans would have been better off leaving the obstructed House investigation in place than giving Democrats the opening that they needed to make public facts Trump/Russia collusion.

Rep. Schiff has made it clear that if Democrats win control of the House in November, a real investigation into Trump and Russia is going to begin in January 2019. Schiff wants to examine money laundering by Trump and the Trump Organization. If Schiff and the Democrats were able to collect evidence of collusion while Republicans were distracting and blocking the House investigation, one can only imagine that Special Counsel Robert Mueller must have.

Trump and his puppet Devin Nunes can close down the House’s Russia investigation, but they can’t stop the facts from being revealed.

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