Adam Schiff Is Out To Find What Russia Has On Trump

Rep. Adam Schiff, the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, told reporters that he and the fellow Democrats on the committee are going to continue their investigation and look for what Russia has on Donald Trump.


Schiff said, “We are releasing this evening a 22-page status report on the investigation that sets out some of the key witnesses that the majority has been unwilling to bring in, the key committees that have been stonewalled on we questions. So we can see just how — from an early point in the investigation, the chairman made it clear that his mission was not to find out what the — but to put the government on trial. That problem persisted throughout our investigation. And has led to its premature conclusion last night. But the work is too important to leave undone. In particular, the American people need to know whether the Russians still have something they can hold over the president’s head. The President Of The United States. So our work is far from done. And we will be submitting to the public a detailed account of what we have learned to date and the work that has to be done if not by us then by others so that the country can be sure that it’s administration is acting in the best interests of the country and not because of leverage the Russians may have over the President Of The United States. And I would invite my colleagues to share their thoughts as well.”

What Russia has on Trump

The president made the worst mistake of his presidency when he ordered his flying monkey House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) to close down the Russia investigation. The end of the formal investigation by the Republican majority isn’t going to stop Democrats from continuing to dig. The smart thing for Trump to do would have been to slow down the investigation for the rest of the year and make Democrats start fresh if they take back the House.

Instead, Trump is giving the Democrats nearly ten months to continue to investigate and hit the ground running if they are back in the majority.

Schiff nailed the key question. What does Russia have on Trump?

If Robert Mueller doesn’t deliver the answer first, Democrats may find it just as Trump is set to run for reelection.

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