Conor Lamb Shoots Down GOP Misinformation And Urges Supporters To Go Vote

Republicans have been sending out false information to the media about how this could be an early night in an effort to keep Lamb supporters from coming out to the polls and voting, but the Democratic candidate is having none of it.

Republicans are spreading stories like this one from the Politico Playbook Power Briefing, “ALERT — SEVERAL REPUBLICANS reached out to us this morning and said they expect it could be an early night in Pennsylvania. At this point, GOP insiders involved in the race expect Democrat CONOR LAMB to win Pennsylvania’s 18th district. Some RNC overnight data came back, and Republican Rick Saccone is in a tough spot, according to these sources.”

It is an old tactic. The GOP is trying to depress Lamb’s turnout by making it look like Democrats already have the election won.

The Lamb campaign saw right through the deception:

All polling indicators suggest that it will not be a short election night. Conor Lamb may have a small lead, but no poll has placed him above the margin of error. Only in the base case scenario for Democrats polling does Lamb have a six-point lead. The margin has settled into the 2-3 point range. That means that this could be a very close election, as it should be.

Conor Lamb is trying to flip a district that Trump won by 20 points in 2016. A Democratic victory should be close. A Lamb blowout would defy the voter makeup and history of the district. Conor Lamb may win tonight, but the odds of it being a blow out are low.

Republicans are trying to depress turnout, so if you live in the 18th District in Pennsylvania, go vote. The polls are open until 8 PM ET.

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