Endangered House Republican Tells Toxic Trump To Stay Away

Endangered House Republicans like Rep. Ryan Costello of Pennsylvania are making it clear that they don’t want Trump anywhere near their reelection campaigns.


When asked if he would want Trump to campaign for him, Rep. Costello said, “I don’t expect I’ll be asking the president to campaign for me. I think in these races the most important thing is develop your own individual identity, run on your record, and not allow sort of external national forces to come in and take over your own. You didn’t like this word earlier, but your own narrative.”

In other words, Costello is already looking doomed, so the last thing that he needs in an area that a strong anti-Trump presence is for Trump to stick his nose in his reelection campaign. Costello also echoed the Republican fantasy that a federal court is going to overturn the new Pennsylvania congressional map. Legal experts view this ploy by Republicans as a Hail Mary pass, and the last gasp of the GOP to get their old gerrymandered map back.

Endangered House Republicans in swing districts want nothing to do with Trump. His own party is running away from him, which throughout modern US electoral history is a sign that the majority is about to be swept out of power.

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