Trump Is Terrified That Robert Mueller Is About To Bust His Kids


MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace reported that Trump is blowing up over the subpoena of the Trump Organization because he is worried that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is about to bust his kids Ivanka, Don Jr., and Eric for financial crimes involving Russia.


Wallace said on her MSNBC show Deadline: White House, “Jeremy Bash, what Mike just described is what I heard from a Trump ally today. The reason this story is likely to light his hair on fire — and I imagine his hair is highly flammable — is because of the exposure — not for Michael Cohen, because I understand him to be pretty miffed with Cohen and to place all of the responsibility for the Stormy Daniels debacle squarely at Cohen’s feet, which is interesting because we’ve not heard that Cohen was in a hotel room and at a golf tournament with a porn star. But that’s for another segment. But that the fear here, I’ve heard from two sources he’s worried about his baby girl, his daughter Ivanka and her exposure because of Jared’s legal travails. And I heard today that the reaction to this story from the president is likely to be I don’t want to use the word grave, but — mounting concerns for his son.”


Mueller could bust the Trump kids

Trump set himself and his family up to be in legal jeopardy with two decisions that he made before taking office. It was Trump who decided not to divest himself of his business holdings, and it was Trump who gave his daughter and son in law who were still involved with the Trump Organization senior positions in the White House. Trump and his family would be in less legal jeopardy today if he had built a wall separating his business interests from the presidency.

Trump made these choices, and his kids can thank their dad when the indictments come and Robert Mueller takes them down.

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