National Security Officials Warn That America Can’t Handle 7 More Years Of Trump

A former national security official told MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace that the country could handle three more years of Trump, but it can’t handle seven.


Wallace said, “One of the former national security officials I spoke to if we’re going to make it, he said the country can handle three more, it can’t handle seven. There is growing concern this is not a sustainable level of turnover. This is too much time for people who should be in charge of the military, in charge of our spy agencies, in charge of cyber command, they’re spending too much time dealing with chaos and drama and not doing their job.”

The people who are issuing these warning aren’t experts in the private sector. They are former government officials. These warning that you see in stories in The Washington Post, New York Times, and on CNN and MSNBC are coming from people who have been there. Trump’s need for chaos and drama is harming the country. It is preventing the people who keep the country safe from properly doing their jobs because every moment of every day with Donald Trump is an endless stream of chaos and drama.

As Trump gets rid of the adults in the room, people in national security and the military are going to bear the brunt of Trump’s chaos. The government can’t handle systemic upheaval and uncertainty in the Oval Office.

The individuals who are watching our national defenses strain under Trump are warning voters that in 2020, they must make a change because the biggest threat to national security is Donald Trump.

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