Rachel Maddow Just Gave Mueller A New Trump/Russia Lie To Investigate

Rachel Maddow called attention to the fact that the Trump White House is creating alternative timelines to cover-up their firings of people like former Sec. of State Rex Tillerson who criticize Russia.


Rachel Maddow said:

And for some reason, the White House has tried to create an alternate timeline of his firing make it look like he wasn’t fired after the strong Russia criticism. And that’s why for all the intrigue and who is up, who is down, white house personnel reporting there has been in Washington all week long and the president appears to enjoy stoking, what really stands out here that the white house has not really had to answer for at all is that in addition to firing Rex Tillerson on Tuesday morning, later on the day Tuesday they went on to fire another senior official from the state department. They fired the guy who put out the statement. The undersecretary of state that put out what we believe is the true statement explaining the realtime line when Tillerson was fired, the timeline that says he was fired right after the Russia remarks and put a freaking spotlight on this question whether his Russia criticism could conceivably have been the precipitating event for why he got fired. The statement Goldstein put out that Tillerson had not spoken to Trump, despite the president saying they had, the statement that Goldstein saying that Tillerson hadn’t been fired days before, that he only found out he was being fired on Tuesday morning when the president tweeted about it, it was news to him, he had intended to stay, that statement from all reporting appears to be 100% true and they fired him for it.

White House officials later explained to NBC news the reason Steven Goldstein was fired is because of that statement. Contradicting what the White House was saying about the firing of Rex Tillerson. He was fired because of an untrue statement that the white house is trying to put out about this firing. Offering an alternate timeline to what really happened. And this wasn’t just some low-level staffer who they fired. They didn’t decide to shoot a lonely messenger here. There are only six permanent secretaries of state. He was one of them. They fired him for putting out a true statement about when they fired Rex Tillerson and how. A true statement that put a spotlight on something uncomfortable that the president isn’t having to answer questions for because of the alternate timeline the White House invented which appears to be false and you know, in a different white house, in a more normal administration, the fact alone that the white house had fired the number four official at the State Department.

That itself would be huge news. For telling the truth about something the white house is lying about, that would typically be a big scandal. Both that they would fire somebody for telling the truth but also because the firing appears to be an effort to cover up their lie. In a normal administration, this would be a very big deal. And even this administration frankly it is a big deal. Steven Goldstein firing should probably get more attention than it is getting.

Robert Mueller is watching everything that is going on with the Trump administration, but in case something would happen to get by him and his expert team, Rachel Maddow highlighted a new line of investigation that needs to be explored.

What are Trump administration officials getting fired for criticizing Russia, and why are staffers getting fired for telling the truth about why those officials were let go?

These firings aren’t Trump being Trump, the president loving chaos, or any of the other excuses that the mainstream press relies on to explain Trump’s behavior. There is something darker here, and the motivation behind this is crying out to be dug into by the special counsel.

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