Adam Schiff Drops The Hammer As Democrats Are Coming After Trump and Cambridge Analytica

The man who may be leading the House Russia investigation in a matter of months, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), said that the connections between Russia, Trump, and Cambridge Analytica need to be investigated.


Transcript via ABC’s This Week:
STEPHANOPOULOS: You also haven’t done much work on another story that broke late this week, the fact that the president’s voter targeting firm, Cambridge Analytica, improperly took private information from 50 million Facebook users. What does this is to you? What questions need to be answered there?

SCHIFF: Again, this is in our status report one of the issues that we pointed out was premature for the Republicans to shut us down, because we only brought in Alexander Nixon. Even then it was by a video conference at the GOP insistence. We need to find out what we can about the misappropriation of the privacy, the private information of tens of millions of Americans. That misappropriate information used by this digital arm of the Trump campaign to manipulate American voters and, of course, the links between Cambridge Analytica and Julian Assange. We know Nick’s (ph) reached out to Assange to try to acquire stolen Clinton emails. The links between this Russian researcher and Cambridge Analytica and the links between Russian Analytica and a Russian oil company Lukoil that wanted information about reaching American voters.

All of that needs to be investigated. And the premature conclusion of this investigation doesn’t allow us to do our job.

As the Special Counsel investigation widens and investigates Trump’s businesses and potential money laundering, it is crystal clear why House Republicans rushed to shut down their investigation and issue a glowing report clearing the president of any wrongdoing. The pieces are coming together. Trump’s data firm worked with Russians and the Trump campaign to target and manipulate voters to get Trump elected.

The fact that the Republicans shut down the Russia investigation doesn’t matter because if Democrats take back the House, the investigation is going to come back stronger than ever. Adam Schiff made it clear that Democrats are going to be investigating Cambridge Analytica if they are in charge of the investigation.

The Blue Wave could deliver Trump’s worst nightmare, a real investigation into the Trump/Russia relationship.

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