Facebook Opens Investigation As Cambridge Analytica Tries To Stop Broadcast Expose

Facebook is investigating the connections between Cambridge Analytica and one of its employees as Trump data firm is scrambling to stop a British television investigative report from airing.
CNN reported:

Joseph Chancellor, now a researcher at Facebook (FB), was a director of Global Science Research, a company that provided data to Cambridge Analytica. The New York Times and The Observer newspaper in London reported Saturday that Cambridge Analytica harvested information on 50 million Facebook users.

The revelations have prompted renewed scrutiny of how Facebook was used to reach and influence voters ahead of the 2016 US presidential election.

“Joseph Chancellor is an employee of Facebook. We are looking into the situation,” a spokesperson for Facebook told CNN.

Meanwhile, The Financial Times is reporting that British Channel 4 has a bombshell undercover investigative report that Cambridge Analytica is scrambling to stop from airing.’

Facebook has a long history of playing fast and loose with privacy, so a compelling argument can be made that it was only a matter of time before some company did what Cambridge Analytica was able to do. As big as the Russia scandal is for democracy and national security, it has become endless downward spiral for Facebook. The social media network’s answer of throttling political content in the hope that the problem will go away is not working.

The more that is learned about how Facebook and Twitter were turned into pro-Trump Russian weapons the more difficult it is to ignore the obvious questions about what social media companies knew and what they allowed to happen during the election. Cambridge Analytica was an important player in the Trump/Russia scandal because they are the point where illegal coordination turned into the targeting of voters.

Cambridge Analytica is a big part of how the Russians got Trump into the White House.

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