In Massive Victory For Democrats, Federal Judge Rejects Challenge To Pennsylvania Map


A federal judge has rejected the last ditch effort of Republicans to overturn the redrawn Pennsylvania congressional map.

The AP reported:

The new fairer map is major win for PA voters and Democrats


As I wrote when the map was first released, “The map reflects Pennsylvania’s purple status much more than the Republican-drawn map that led to the GOP holding a 13-5 advantage in the state’s US House delegation. The new map is fair, which is all Democrats wanted. The map is great for Democrats because they will no longer be clustered into a few districts. As a Pennsylvania native, my first thought was that there are going to be a whole lot more Democrats voting in districts that Republicans have held for nearly a decade.”

Democrats didn’t want a map was tilted toward them, as Republicans have argued. Democrats and the voters of Pennsylvania deserve a map that is fair. The new map is based on geography, and not gerrymandered to give one party an extreme advantage. Democrats are likely to gain an additional four House seats from the new Pennsylvania map alone.

The Republican arguments against the map never held water. The state supreme court made their decision based on the state constitution. There is nothing wrong with the process that the PA Supreme Court followed. The only reason that the map helps Democrats is that the old map was so unfairly tilted toward Republicans.

Gerrymandering has been dealt a defeat in Pennsylvania, and Republicans who were already looking a bad midterm election should be preparing themselves for a bloodbath in November.