Republicans Are Begging Democrats To Help Them Fix Their Tax Cut Bill

The Republican tax cut bill has a big mistake in it that hurts farmers, so Republicans are begging Democrats to help them fix the mistake before the midterm election.

Republicans rushed and rammed through their tax cuts for the rich and corporations with allowing Democrats a seat at the table, but there is a problem with the bill.

The big mistake in the tax cut bill

Axios reported, “The tax law has a provision that’s being referred to as the ‘grain glitch’ that hurts some farmers. That’s got some Republicans in a panic, and as they rightly point out, Democrats represent farmers too. (Reminder: Every state has a Medicaid program and people who get insurance on the individual market.) The bottom line here is that to fix their mistake, Republicans need at least some Democrats to vote with them to do so.”

The problem is that Republicans refused for years to help Democrats improve and fix glitches in Obamacare even though they contributed 160 amendments to the final bill. Each time that the Democrats asked Republicans to join them in fixing and improving Obamacare, Republicans said no.

Democrats have a choice on fixing the tax cut bill

Democrats can easily turn a deaf ear to the Republicans. Trump and the Republicans unilaterally passed the bill, so they should have to live with the consequences. If Republicans want bipartisan governance, they should legislate in a bipartisan way. If Democrats helped Republicans fix this mistake, they would be rewarding bad behavior and telling Republicans that they can govern as recklessly as they want, because Democrats will be here to clean up their messes.

Democrats could choose to put doing the right thing ahead of partisan politics and join Republicans in fixing the bill. It is doubtful that this will happen because there is no reason why Democrats would bail Republicans out before the midterm election.

Obama advised Democrats before he left office to rescue Republicans on healthcare. The same advice applies to the tax cut bill. Republicans need to face the consequences of their half-baked tax cuts for the rich legislation on their own.

The Democrats aren’t going to bail them out this time.