Bob Mueller’s Team Is Preparing To Grill Trump On His Pattern Of Lies And Obstruction

If there were any doubts left about the direction of Robert Mueller’s investigation, a new report published on Wednesday should remove them.

According to CNN, there are four areas Mueller wants to question Trump about, and each of them gives us insight into what the special counsel is focused on at this late stage of the investigation.

More from the report:

According to two sources, the areas that the special counsel investigators have indicated they want to pursue with Trump are the President’s role in crafting a statement abroad Air Force One that miscast Donald Trump Jr.’s campaign June 2016 meeting with Russians in Trump Tower, the circumstances surrounding that Trump Tower meeting as well as the firings of FBI Director James Comey and national security adviser Michael Flynn.



The topics are not the extent of Mueller’s interest, but, based on discussions between the two sides, they represent significant areas of focus so far for a Trump interview.

The report also notes how the president is becoming increasingly angered and desperate that the focus of Mueller’s investigation seems to be mostly on Trump. As a result, the report notes, Trump has decided to take matters into his own hands by throwing Twitter tantrums directed squarely at Mueller.

“As the investigation seems to be intensifying, the President, according to multiple sources, is convinced he needs to take the reins of his own legal strategy,” CNN noted.

Despite what Trump thinks, the strategy of being his own legal counsel is politically and legally fatal, particularly since anytime he opens his mouth about the investigation he puts both of his feet squarely in it.

Mueller is trying to nail Trump for obstructing justice

The four areas Mueller plans to focus on when questioning Trump make it clear: The special counsel is going right after Trump’s repeated efforts to lie about his ties to Russia and obstruct any investigation into those ties.

Whether it’s manufacturing a false statement to cover up the 2016 meeting that took place at Trump tower or firing former FBI director James Comey, which he admitted was because of Russia, Trump has shown an obvious pattern of obstruction.

His other actions – recently firing Andrew McCabe, ordering White House counsel to remove Mueller, attacking Attorney General Jeff Sessions for not doing his Russia bidding, among other things – only reinforce this pattern. Mueller is likely looking into those actions as well.

While the president continues to say this probe is a witch hunt or even that he isn’t personally under investigation, Robert Mueller is making it clear: Trump’s possible crimes are central to this special counsel inquiry, and Mueller won’t stop until he finds the truth.