Chris Murphy Sounds The Alarm: A Trump-Bolton Combo Could Lead To ‘Catastrophic War’


Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) sounded the alarm on Thursday, saying that the combination of Donald Trump and war hawk John Bolton could lead to a potentially “catastrophic war.”

According to the Democratic senator, Trump’s desperate need to distract combined with Bolton’s support of pre-emptive war is a dangerous concoction.

“I can’t imagine a more reckless, more dangerous pick,” Murphy said of Trump’s decision to replace H.R. McMaster with Bolton as his National Security Adviser.



Murphy explains how dangerous the Bolton pick is:

I can’t imagine a more reckless, more dangerous pick. … The idea that the person who’s first in and first out of the Oval Office on national security measures and matters openly roots for pre-emptive war against North Korea and Iran with no congressional vote, is, you know, just incredibly troubling. To think about a president who is desperate to try to turn the news away from the myriad of scandals under which he is buried is going to have someone who is going to eagerly recommend to him that you go around Congress and start what could be catastrophic war with North Korea and Iran. You know, it’s something that we should all be super concerned about right now.

John Bolton + Donald Trump = Foreign policy disaster waiting to happen

John Bolton is a dangerous pick for national security adviser in any presidential administration. After all, as I mentioned early tonight, he was central to the Bush administration’s disinformation campaign that led to the disastrous war in Iraq.

More recently, he has said the Iran deal should be torn up. He has a war-first mentality, no matter what country you can think of – from Syria to North Korea to Iran.

Add this instinct to wage pre-emptive war to Trump’s constant need to distract from his many scandals – what’s more distracting than waging wars of choice in the Middle East? – and we are left with a dangerous and deadly result.

There are very few, if any, remaining people left in Trump’s circle to prevent him from waging a disastrous war.