How Joe Biden Treated A Father Who Lost His Daughter In The Parkland Shooting Will Touch Your Heart

Fred Guttenberg discussed with Andrea Mitchell how Joe Biden had been everything that Trump isn’t a time of tragedy, and Biden is putting his heart out there to help the families of the Stoneman Douglas shooting victims handle their grief.


Guttenberg said, “I could not believe what vice president Biden did in terms of the time he gave me and the words he had to say to me. Number one, he made a phone call several weeks ago and during that phone call never once said he had to go. Just it went on as long as he and I both felt was appropriate. And then he met with me and another parent this week in person and what was amazing about him is he had a room full — probably several hundred people waiting for him. But he took us and spoke to us in private and gave us such an extended amount of time and just made us feel like we were the most important thing in his life. He was unbelievable. As a man who’s been through some real tragedy — everyone knows his story with his wife and child, and with the car accident many years ago, then his son, Beau Biden, a few year He was able to talk to us about grief, how to deal with grief, how he dealt with it, how — to be understanding of the fact that different people in the same situation may deal with grief differently, so don’t let that come between you. He shared with us how mission and purpose has always been his way to get through grief. Beyond that, a lot of other just personal details. I’ll keep that one. But I’m just so thankful that he took the time. It was for me one of the most healing conversations that I’ve had since this started.”

It doesn’t matter whether or not he runs for president in 2020. Joe Biden is an incredible human being of warmth and heart, who spends his life giving and trying to help others. Biden is the opposite of Trump. He is a decent person who connects with people on an emotional level because he cares about them.

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