March For Our Lives DC Crowd Size Estimated At One Million People


NBC News estimated that March For Our Life crowd size in Washington, DC could reach at least 1 million people.

Video of NBC crowd size estimate:


Chris Matthews and Brian Williams said on MSNBC, “What I love about this today, my last big rally, by the way, Brian, was 1967, the March on the Pentagon, 51 years ago, pretty scary. It was anti-war. Everybody jumped on to it and used it, everybody had their kiosks, their card tables. This one is really about guns. It’s really not exploitive. These kids are concerned about safety and guns and it’s a very pure, I think, demonstration of numbers. We may get a million people here today. I’ve never seen crowds pouring out of union station like I saw an hour ago.”

March For Our Lives crowd size

The initial estimate was that the protest rally would draw at least 500,000 people. However, reports from the ground suggest that half of a million is likely an underestimate. To put the crowd size at the March For Our Lives into context, Trump’s inauguration crowd size was reported to be 250,000. This means that even if the initial estimate is accurate, the March For Our Lives drew twice as many people as Trump’s inauguration. If a million people are at the march, it is four times larger than Trump’s inauguration.

The Women’s March On Washington drew an estimated 3.6-4.5 million marchers around the country with at least 1 million in Washington, DC.

The March For Our Lives has a real chance of being the biggest one day protest in US history. Trump fled to Florida, but the young marchers have seized the Capitol and are taking their country back.

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