Trump Is Freaking Out About Stormy Daniels And Worried About His Poll Numbers

While Melania Trump is staying literally a thousand miles away from him, Donald Trump is grumbling about the media attention that Stormy Daniels is getting and worried about his poll numbers.
The Washington Post reported, “Trump, meanwhile, has been complaining to associates here this weekend about all the media attention Daniels has been receiving, according to people familiar with the conversations, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to be candid. Among other inquiries, Trump asked one friend how Daniels might affect his poll numbers.”

When a president’s poll numbers are as bad as Trump’s are, even a few point drop can look catastrophic.

It is telling that Trump is worried about the millions of people marched for gun control on Saturday or the wave of elections that Democrats have won ahead of the midterms. What Trump is most worried about is the porn star that he had an affair with ruining his poll numbers.

The Republican Party is facing a potential slaughter in November, and their leader is all bent out of shape over the attention that Stormy Daniels is getting.

There has never been a president in the modern who has been more out of touch with the job and the needs of the people that he is supposed to be governing than Trump. Americans are taking to the streets in protest, and all Trump is worried about is the media attention that Stormy Daniels is getting.