Deadbeat Trump Can’t Get A Lawyer Because He Doesn’t Pay His Bills

The real reason why lawyers refuse to work for Donald Trump is that he has a long his history of stealing their services by not paying his bills.

Video of MSNBC’s Ari Melber explaining why no one will represent Trump:

Melber said, “There are all kinds of reasons why lawyers don’t want to do this gig. From politics to conflicts to, how do we say, working for a client like Donald Trump. But I can also report for you tonight, based on public evidence that there is a big reason why many people in the legal profession don’t want to work for Trump, and it comes down to a question that lawyers ask just about as often as Beyonce used to ask back in the destiny’s child days, can you pay my bills? Top lawyers saying when it comes to trump, quote, the guy won’t pay. There was an exhaustive USA Today report showing hundreds of contractors detailing how trump would basically steal their services, their money by refusing to pay the bills he owed. A problem so rampant, one firm sued trump in 2008. Another sued the Trump organization and his company for $94,000 in unpaid legal fees.”

Not paying his bills is a major turnoff for most law firms because defending Trump in the Mueller investigation is going to cost millions of dollars. The Whitewater and Lewinsky scandals ran up $11.3 million in legal fees, which is almost $16 million in 2018 dollars, so this is far from a small sum of money that Trump is going to spend on legal defense for the Mueller investigation. No law firm is going to take Trump on as a client and risk not being paid.

Decades of being a deadbeat who doesn’t pay his bills have finally caught up with Trump. Now more than ever, Trump needs a good lawyer, but he will never get one because Trump’s word means nothing.

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