Former DOJ Prosecutor Warns Trump That He Is ‘In Danger Of Going To Prison’

A former prosecutor for the Justice Department, Paul Butler, said on Monday that Donald Trump is “in danger of going to prison” because some of the best lawyers and investigators are finally looking into his corrupt past – and present.

According to Butler, it’s not just one potential crime Trump could be charged for – it’s multiple. And with the nation’s toughest law enforcement agency looking into it, he could finally be held accountable for decades of legally dubious behavior.


The former prosecutor explained Trump’s growing legal trouble:

The president is in danger of going to prison. … Again, if he is impeached, that’s the congressional remedy. That’s the political remedy under the Constitution. The president can be indicted after he leaves office. … I don’t think there is much of a question after office he could be indicted for conduct. The political remedy is impeachment. … That’s the difference between all the civil lawsuits back in the day. And now, now the president has 17 of the country’s best prosecutors, a whole team of FBI agents, which remains the best law enforcement agency in the world looking at everything that he has ever done, including his real estate transactions, his possible collusion with Russia and obstruction of justice. And now he has to deal with possible campaign fraud with regard to his bogus payment.

Given the expansive and growing nature of Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation, it’s hard to envision a scenario in which Trump isn’t nailed to the floor for something, particularly given the implosion of his own legal team.

From his shady business activity to his extramarital affairs with paid-off porn stars to his dealings with Russia during the 2016 election, and much more, this is a president knee-deep in legal trouble.

Unlike his legal challenges of the past, he won’t be able to bully, intimidate or lie his way out of trouble.  This time he will be met with the best investigators the country has to offer – all while he can’t even find lawyers willing to represent him.