Trump’s Worst Fears Come True As Stormy Daniels Sinks His Approval Rating

The latest weekly Gallup presidential tracking poll has been released, and it shows Donald Trump losing a net 2 points as the unrelenting coverage of the Stormy Daniels scandal is hurting Trump.

Here is the latest Trump job approval rating from Gallup:

There haven’t been any huge developments in the Russia scandal that would impact public opinion. The departures from the White House and daily chaos of Trump are unending political background noise. What has been building and consuming much of the cable news coverage is the Stormy Daniels scandal combined with a second woman suing Trump to break her NDA.

Trump spent the weekend worrying if Stormy Daniels was going to impact his approval ratings.

The president is getting his answer. Stormy Daniels is doing more to sink the Trump presidency than anything outside of the Russia investigation. The details of the president’s affair with Daniels is humiliating, and embarrassing to the country.

Trump is getting hit right in the numbers and sliding back into the 30s at the exact time when Republicans are facing a blue wave in November.

What Trump feared is coming true. Stormy Daniels is sinking this president.