Lawrence O’Donnell Exposes Trump’s Total Fear Of Rachel Maddow

While referring to a list of people that Trump has attacked on Twitter, MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell pointed out that Rachel Maddow’s name is not on the list because Trump fears Maddow.


O’Donnell said, “It’s actually — I shouldn’t say it’s all. It’s a sample. It’s some alphabetical clumpings. It’s actually a tiny sample. And Stormy Daniels’ name is not up there. Because he just hasn’t gotten around to it. By the way, Rachel, you know whose name is not up there? Rachel Maddow…Apparently, he is so afraid of you. That’s what it means if he hasn’t attacked you. He is so afraid of you, he doesn’t want people to know you that’s how afraid he was.”

O’Donnell got a blush out of Maddow who said that not being attacked by Trump on Twitter was fine with her, but there is a serious point to what he was saying. Donald Trump doesn’t attack people who he fears or he thinks can do him harm. He has never said a bad word about Maddow. He also refused every request that she has made for him to come on his show, but Maddow did get Kellyanne Conway on once.

The Rachel Maddow show is the number one show on cable news and the program has provided the most detailed and comprehensive coverage of the Russia scandal on television. If there were a show that one would think that Trump would be ranting about on Twitter, one would think that Maddow would be at the top of the list.

But, he never mentions Maddow. Why?

It could be because Trump is a Fox News addict and only watching the fawning primetime coverage of Hannity at 9 PM, but Trump rants about any criticism big or small all of the time. Nothing goes without mention, except for Rachel Maddow.

The only explanation that makes any sense is Trump is afraid of Maddow. When Lawrence O’Donnell called Maddow “the Stormy Daniels of MSNBC” it was a joke with a hint of truth.

Trump fears Maddow.

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