Mitt Romney Has Managed To Make Trump Look Reasonable On Immigration

Run, Romney! Run!

Not even two months into his run for Orrin Hatch’s Utah Senate seat, the Daily Herald reports that Mitt Romney has run right over Trump and most of his GOP colleagues on immigration, telling voters at a campaign Q&A that “I’m… more of a hawk on immigration than even the President. My view was these DACA kids shouldn’t all be allowed to stay in the country legally.”

He added that “Now I will accept the President’s view on this, but for me, I draw the line and say, those who’ve come illegally should not be given a special path to citizenship.”

The event (held at a Provo library, and attended by a couple hundred Utah voters) encouraged attendees to write their questions on a card, to be read by a moderator to the candidate. Amazingly, one attendee was concerned that Romney wasn’t “conservative enough,” which prompted Romney’s mad dash to the right, trampling the bulk of the GOP and all of the DREAMers on the way.

Remember that after Trump ended DACA in 2017 -putting 1.8 million immigrants in danger of deportation- he threw a February hail mary plan that would include a pathway to citizenship, hoping to get Democrats on board with his other immigration proposals (including, of course, a ridiculous wall that would do less to curb immigration and drug trafficking than installing a wireless, electric pet safety system all along the border). That pathway to citizenship, however, was more like a highway to hell, so Democrats reasonably declined the offer.

Try to get your head around that: the guy who espoused “self-deportation” in a Republican primary debate in 2012  just made Donald Trump look reasonable.

Anyone hoping that Mitt Romney is stinging from his Trump toadying debacle and wants to go to Washington to stand up in the middle of the legislative road to Trumpism  should abandon that hope toot sweet.

Consider that of the 12 people running for Orrin Hatch’s Senate seat, three are third-party candidates, and four are Democrats. In Utah.

There’s a blue wave coming alright… and it looks like it could (finally) wash Mitt Romney (and from the size of the wave, GOP candidates all over the map) away into well-earned ignominy.

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