White House Staff Spends Most Of The Day Debunking The Voices In Trump’s Head


According to a new report, White House staffers spend much of their time having to debunk some of the crazy things Donald Trump believes – even things they have repeatedly told him were inaccurate or untrue.

Axios laid out a series of examples on Wednesday which shows that the president is completely and horrifyingly detached from the real world.

“President Trump often gets agitated — and stirred to action — by random things he hears on TV or from shoot-the-bull conversations with friends,” the report noted. “It drives staff nuts because they are responding to things that are either inaccurate, highly distorted or flat-out don’t exist.”

According to Axios, Trump’s staff has to repeatedly explain basic facts to the president, including trade deficits and the omnibus bill; and the fact that the Paris climate deal isn’t “killing” the U.S. economy, among other things.


Trump is completely removed from reality

It’s easy to be baffled that the President of the United States doesn’t even grasp basic facts about the world he’s supposed to be leading, but a quick examination of Trump’s personal behavior explains why he knows so little.

First, the president’s advisers can’t even coax him into reading one-page national security briefings. In fact, Trump doesn’t read at all – and he’s pretty darn proud of it.

As Michael Wolff wrote in ‘Fire and Fury’: “[Trump] didn’t process information in any conventional sense. He didn’t read. He didn’t really even skim. Some believed that for all practical purposes he was no more than semi-­literate.”

Add Trump’s lack of curiosity and knowledge to his high intake of propaganda from Fox News, and what America is left with is a president who is shaping public policy based on baseless conspiracy theories instead of hard facts.

It’s a dangerous combination.

It’s particularly bad when even the unqualified people around Trump think he’s crazy.