New Poll Confirms What We Already Knew: Trump’s Tax Bill Hasn’t Been Helping The Majority’s Paychecks

A new CNBC All-America Economic Survey has found the the majority of Americans haven’t been experiencing the economic boost Trump promised his tax plan would deliver.

The poll found that 52% haven’t seen any change in their paychecks whatsoever.


Of those who say they have seen an increase in the money they’re taking home, very few reported that the change has been significant enough to make a real difference.

Only 38% said the additional money has improved their lives a “great deal” or a “fair amount,” whereas 40% said it helped “some” or “just a little.”


Finally, 22% said the extra income “does not help much at all.”

While Trump and the GOP insisted the tax plan they passed in December would be a huge help to the middle class, most experts who’ve analyzed the the bill determined that the middle class and those with low incomes will suffer in the long term, even if some experience slight tax cuts initially. Big corporations and the politicians who’ve helped them, on the other hand, will all receive huge tax benefits in a few years’ time.