Trump Is Hiding From Stormy Daniels As He Has Held No Public Events For 5 Straight Days

The Stormy Daniels interview aired on Sunday, and since then Donald Trump has become a president in hiding as he has held no public events for the entire week.

MSNBC’s Chris Jansing on Trump hiding from the public:

Jansing said, “today is the fifth day in a row that President Trump does not have a public event or press event on his schedule. In a couple of minutes, he’s to host a credentialing ceremony for newly appointed ambassadors. That’s closed. At 1:15, president trump will have a private lunch with defense secretary James Mattis. Neither of those will we have a chance to see him.”

Trump is hiding from questions about Stormy Daniels

Trump is worried about his poll numbers due to the Stormy Daniels scandal, and this week’s Gallup presidential job approval rating poll shows his numbers slipping back into the thirties. Trump has good reason to be worried. The Daniels story is not going away. In fact, he may end up being deposed in a lawsuit, because he refuses to wave the NDA and let Daniels talk.

Remember, that Donald Trump created this problem all on his own by refusing to let Stormy Daniels tell her story. If Trump waves the NDA, Daniels does a few interviews, and the story likely gets blown away by some other Trump chaos, but by insisting on fighting Daniels, the president turned a minor story into a major scandal, and now that his bad decision has backfired, Trump has gone into hiding.

US presidents don’t get to run away when they don’t want to answer questions. Not since Nixon has there been a president who barricaded himself inside the White House in the way that Trump has. The less Trump talks. The more he makes this story seem like a big scandal by hiding, the worse the situation is going to get for him.

Trump is in hiding, and Stormy Daniels sent him there.

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