Trump’s Plan To Nominate His Doctor VA Secretary Is Already Crashing And Burning

Trump’s nomination of his doctor to be VA Secretary is already falling apart less than two hours after it was announced.

Trump tweeted:

Trump picked Ronny Jackson not because he is qualified, but because Trump liked him:

For analysis of how Republicans are reacting to Dr. Jackson’s chances of being confirmed, Jonathan Swan of Axios tweeted:

Harriet Miers was George W. Bush’s disastrously unqualified Supreme Court nominee who withdrew after it was clear that the Senate was going to vote her confirmation down.

The one consistency of the Trump presidency is that a president who knows nothing about the job that he is supposed to be doing consistently nominates unqualified people for jobs in his administration. What does Dr. Jackson know about the VA or veterans’ issues? Trump has once again placed his own personal whims ahead of the people that he is supposed to be serving.

The Senate should immediately reject the nomination of Dr. Jackson and insist that Trump finds a nominee who is qualified to deal with the pressing needs of US veterans. Dr. Jackson’s nomination is already looking like it dead less than two hours after it was announced, which even for Donald Trump might be a new record of failure.