VA Secretary Shulkin Out; Rear Admiral Jackson In

This afternoon Donald Trump fired off two Tweets, announcing the removal of VA Secretary David Shulkin, and his nomination to replace him, Trump’s personal physician rear admiral Ronny Jackson.

Oddly, Shulkin’s removal wasn’t any surprise, partly because he was an Obama holdover (oh, and that whole 122k tennis vacation he and his wife took on our dime)… yet rear admiral Jackson has the same pedigree… and -so far as anyone knows- absolutely no experience running a bureaucracy like the VA. Or like a chain of lemonade stands, for that matter. One wonders what the Trump’s train of thought here is… then one remembers we’re talking about Donald Trump.

Of course, it’s worth noting that it’s already been pointed out that these announcements are meant to distract from whether the Trump will pardon Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort:

Jackson could surprise us all, sure… but healthy skepticism is called for here.