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Rachel Maddow Just Sent Waves Of Terror Through The White House On Russia

Maddow showed how Robert Mueller is investigating Attorney General Jeff Sessions and how he is caught up in their worst nightmare of proof of collusion with Russia.


Maddow said:

But here is the thing, mark today also goes on to report that Mueller’s investigators have been asking witnesses about several matters that specifically relate to Jeff Sessions. Quote, Mueller’s team has been asking about a convention-related event attended by both Russia’s U.S. Ambassador and Jeff Sessions. Quote, investigators asked detailed questions about conversations that sessions, then a campaign advisor had at a campaign event attended by Russia’s ambassador to the United States. Mueller’s team is asking whether Jeff Sessions had private discussions on the sidelines of a campaign speech that trump gave at Washington’s Mayflower Hotel this new reporting is correct, this means a couple things.

First, and most importantly, it means that in current inquiries by the special counsel’s office, what they are asking witnesses about now is about the central matter under investigation. It’s not just obstruction of they are asking about the question of contacts with and potentially collusion with Russia. That’s what they are asking witnesses about and that’s supported by the court filings we got from Mueller’s prosecutors where they described having evidence that trump’s campaign chair repeatedly had contact with someone with known active ties to Russian intelligence during their work on the campaign. So part of what is important about mark’s reporting is that collusion is clearly still in the mix in terms of what Mueller is looking at, anybody will be armed by these reports about what Mueller is asking witnesses about now.armed by these reports about what Mueller is asking witnesses about now.

That’s the attorney general you’re talking about there. The currently serving attorney general of the United States is the subject of active inquiries in the Mueller investigation on multiple fronts while he’s serving as attorney general which involves him setting up multiple inquiries and whether or not the FBI should have been investigating the Russia matter at all and whether they have been too biased in favor of Hillary Clinton. He’s the subject of inquiries by the Mueller investigation, meanwhile siccing these two investigators on the Russia investigation? This is a rat’s nest. And boy, does that purported recusal seem to be sagging under its weight these days.

Jeff Sessions already lied to Congress about his contacts with Russians during the campaign. It is obvious that Sessions knows and was a part of much of what happened involving the Trump campaign and Russia. Sessions was in the campaign’s inner circle. He should be a focus of any serious investigation. If Mueller wants to make a case for collusion, the odds are that Jeff Sessions is going to be right in the middle of it.

Every day that Mueller learns more is another step toward the demise of the Trump presidency.

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