Putin Leaks Details To Embarrass Trump And Show Him Who’s The Boss

Former Obama National Security Council spokesperson Ned Price said that the Russians are intentionally leaking details of Putin’s conversations with Trump to gain leverage and embarrass Trump.

Video of Price on MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari Melber:

Price said, “This is a substantive issue, and it provides a source of leverage to the Russians that they have consistently provided the official account, the readout of these meetings or phone calls, hours in some cases before the White House has done so. Look, in this case, what’s important is had this comment not been made, we may not have learned of this invitation. And the timing of this comment from a Kremlin aide is interesting. There’s reason to think that it may have been made to embarrass President Trump. Of course, this revelation comes just days after President Trump and some of our European allies together expelled 60 Russian spies from our country alone, re from Europe. We have been fixated on this issue of leverage or financial leverage. But we’ve forgotten the fact that Donald Trump routinely has given our allies and adversaries alike, additional points of leverage. This is one of those points of leverage. The Russians rolled this out according to their schedule in an effort to embarrass him. Let’s assume that The Washington Post hadn’t reported last spring that Trump had called Comey a nutjob no the oval office. If they had kept that and rolled that out according to their own timing, that, too, would have been a source of leverage. How many other sources, how many other points of leverage are out there that we just don’t know about, that president trump has doled out to our friends and I think most worrisome, to our foes.”

The Russians are leaking information like Trump suggested that Putin come to the White House for a meeting to control Trump. Putin is showing his dominance of and control over The President Of The United States. These leaks are intended to embarrass Trump and keep him in line. The leaks are also a message to the rest of the rest of the world that Putin owns Trump.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s can’t conclude soon enough as the term of Putin’s lap dog must end quickly.

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