GOP Wisconsin Governor Panics After Blue Wave Hits His State And Democrat Is Elected To Supreme Court

Republican Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin has been left terrified after a Democrat was elected to his state’s Supreme Court on Tuesday, prompting a meltdown on Twitter.

Rebecca Dallet, a liberal judge, beat her conservative opponent, Michael Screnock, by a nearly 12-point margin.  This is a significant victory, given that Democrats typically have a difficult time winning in Wisconsin. Though the race was technically nonpartisan, Democrats clearly supported Dallet, while Republicans favored Screnock, who was actually endorsed by Gov. Walker.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court still has a Republican majority, but it’s been weakened from 5-2 to 4-3.

Walker clearly recognized the power of Democratic voters and took to Twitter on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning to warn conservatives about the dangers of the blue wave.

Unfortunately for Walker, Democrat enthusiasm shows no signs of slowing down.