Mueller’s Trump Obstruction Report To Put Impeachment Process In Motion


MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace reported that a former federal prosecutor had told her that Mueller’s report on Trump obstruction of justice would put the impeachment process in motion.



Wallace said, “A former federal prosecutor told me Mueller’s report doesn’t preclude Mueller from indicting literally everybody else, but Trump will be dealt with just like Ken Starr dealt with president Clinton. The report puts the impeachment process in motion.”

Mueller is not going to charge Trump with a crime, because it is not clear whether or not a sitting president can be charged with a crime. The big bombshell is that Mueller is writing a separate report on obstruction of justice, which will deal specifically with Trump’s actions. The Mueller report will be the basis for impeachment proceedings.

The White House may want to celebrate that Trump isn’t a target of the investigation, which means that he is not going to be charged with a crime. It doesn’t mean that Mueller won’t charge everyone else and make Trump a target of the investigation later. The Russia probe appears to be following the Clinton impeachment precedent.

There is now a roadmap for how Trump impeachment will play out. Mueller will file his report, which will not happen for months, and depending on what Mueller’s report finds, and who controls the House of Representatives, impeachment proceedings could be put into motion.

Impeachment is moving away from the theoretical. Republicans have been concerned since the Mueller investigation started that impeachment was going to be the outcome. Since it is unlikely that Trump would ever resign under any circumstance, it looks the nation is destined to travel down the impeachment path.

The stakes for the 2018 midterm election just grew exponentially. Impeachment is not only on the table it is one report and Democratic control of Congress away from becoming a reality.

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