Nicolle Wallace Just Explained Why America Must Elect A Democratic Congress

Nicolle Wallace put it very bluntly that if the American people are forced to depend on Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell to stand up to Trump, we’re screwed, because they are going to do nothing.

Video of Wallace on her MSNBC show Deadline: White House:

Jeremy Bash said, “The great lesson there for historians and modern day, sometimes in order to have power, you have to have authority, but in order to have authority you have to given power. The president doesn’t seem to understand that. He thinks basically the more power he has for himself, the more authority he will have and be I believe to basically work his will with the institutions of our government. Our country doesn’t work that way. For Donnie’s point, I think it really is about Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and others in Congress who really should assert themselves vis-a-vis the president. What Nick said is the president isn’t good at being president. He’s good at running a family business. That was Paul Ryan’s excuse for the last six years. He’s not good at being president. Paul Ryan, if you feel that way when the question is presented should he be president, you should answer accordingly.”

Wallace responded with the blunt truth, “Let me answer for all of you I don’t want to die of suspense of it. What are any of them going to do? They’re going to do nothing. If it’s up to Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, we’re screwed.”

Nicolle Wallace’s point needs to be driven home every day to every voter between now and Election Day. The only way to save the country from Trump is to elect a minimum at Democratically controlled House of Representatives. Trump believes that he has absolute power, and Republicans aren’t going to lift a finger to stop him. Ryan and McConnell are afraid of Trump.

The country is screwed until at least 2020 if Democrats don’t take back all or part of Congress. This isn’t a big secret. It is also why there is more urgency and energy feeding the growing Blue Wave than there has possibly ever been in the modern domestic political era. I believe that 2018 has more energy behind it than the Democratic wave of 2006.

People understand the importance of the moment. Trump can only be definitely stopped by voters going to the polls and electing Democrats this November.

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