Rachel Maddow Wants To Know Why The Hell Scott Pruitt Still Has A Job

Rachel Maddow connected the dots of EPA administrator Scott Pruitt’s corruption on Thursday and openly wondered why the hell he still has a job.

Maddow dove deep into Pruitt’s ethically questionable behavior, zeroing in on a specific incident in which the EPA head apparently flew to Morocco at taxpayer expense in order to do the bidding of his buddy, Carl Icahn.


Maddow laid it all out:

If you’re going to buy liquified natural gas from the United States, you’re gonna get it through Cheniere Energy. Carl Icahn is a controlling shareholder. Carl Icahn gets Scott Pruitt his job. Scott Pruitt inexplicably flies to Morocco on the taxpayers dime, yes, and what does he go there for? To promote Cheniere Energy, to try to persuade inexplicably to try to persuade Morocco to import American natural gas to the benefit of papa Carl Icahn’s pet financial project of the moment. And if this seems farfetched, keep in mind this all happened just before Carl Icahn has to resign in a big scandal from this administration over a totally separate matter where he was allegedly using his government position to enrich himself and benefit companies in which he was a big investor. And, yes, in addition to his connection to Carl Icahn, Scott Pruit at the time was also living for $50 a night in the home of the principle lobbiest for Cheniere Energy. So all this to say: Don’t worry about whether the focus on the bonfire of Scott Pruitt’s ethics is somehow distracting from the attention that ought to be paid to his behavior at the EPA. It’s one in the same story. But as of tonight, he’s still in that job. Anybody know why?

Scott Pruitt should be fired – like yesterday

Pruitt’s reckless use of taxpayer money is well-documented. What seems to be garnering less attention – but is still very much connected to Pruitt’s other conduct – is the news Maddow highlighted on Thursday night.

Not only is Scott Pruitt using his position to enrich himself – all while racking up massive taxpayer-funded bills – but he is apparently using it to help his buddy’s business interests, too.

The million dollar question at this hour is, as Maddow said on Thursday: Why the hell does Scott Pruitt still have a job in this government?