64 House Democrats Demand That Trump Fire Scott Pruitt

A group of 64 House Democrats sent a letter to Trump calling on him to immediately fire EPA administrator Scott Pruitt.

Read the full letter:


The Democrats wrote, “A man under numerous investigations both for ethical concerns and wasteful spending, who has actively moved to undermine environmental rules and regulations at industry request, is antithetical to the job of EPA Administrator. Mr. Pruitt needs to go.”

It is not just Pruitt who needs to go. Trump’s refusal to fire his EPA Administrator means that he must also go. The United States is being governed by a president who has no concern over right and wrong. Trump has no moral compass. Behavior that would have gotten other cabinet members fired in seconds under previous presidents is ignored under Trump. In fact, it could be said that corrupt behavior and robbing the taxpayers blind is encouraged by Trump.

If Democrats win control of the House in November, and Scott Pruitt is still at the EPA, there will be an investigation. Trump’s days of unchecked corruption are numbered. The letter was a warning that Democrats are coming for Trump and dirty administration.

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