How Fox News Personalities Use Trump To Run Our Nation

Scott Pruitt should find himself in jeopardy of losing his job.

However, yesterday Mr. Trump called Mr. Pruitt, a “good man,” while refusing to comment on questions regarding questionable ethical behavior engaged in by the Environmental Protection Agency’s Administrator.  Mr. Trump added:

“I think he’s done a fantastic job,” Mr. Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One during his trip back from West Virginia. “I think he’s done an incredible job. He’s been very courageous. It hasn’t been easy, but I think he’s done a fantastic job.”

Fantastic job? Incredible job? Courageous? These are the words Mr. Trump uses to describe a man who has at least twenty-three ethical issues dogging him?

To be clear: Approximately fifty-six members of Mr. Trump’s cabinet have either resigned or been forced out at the  behest of Trump for far lesser reasons.

How many of you recall former Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson being terminated by Tweet upon his arrival back to the United States? Or, how many  recall former National Security Advisor, H.R. McMaster being terminated? In both cases, both of these men made anti-Russian comments the day prior to their termination.

Worse? The story the White House laid out regarding Mr. Tillerson’s termination was determined false, and worse, the very person who made this point clear also found himself fired.

Watch Rachel Maddow explain both of these terminations in the video below:


To summarize: Mr. Tillerson and H.R. McMaster’s both made negative commentary about Russia and they were both fired. Mr. Pruitt who toes the ideological line with Mr. Trump while being a spigot of scandal, remains in his job.

While it is true that the White House through Sarah Huckabee Sanders lied to the American people through the press regarding H.R. McMaster’s future, with Trump’s unpredictability, we honestly do not know with any level of certainty whether Mr. Pruitt is or is not safe in his role within the administration. We would be fools to bet either way.

On that same flight yesterday, Mr. Trump added these words about Mr. Pruitt:

“You know, I just left coal and energy country,” Trump told reporters. “They love Scott Pruitt. They feel very strongly about Scott Pruitt. And they love Scott Pruitt.”

I’ll bet they do.

Mr. Trump was referencing West Virginia, a state dependent on Trump’s to  promise made during the campaign to “bringing every job back” during the campaign, while still holding out hope for those jobs to be delivered. The workers in coal country largely believed that the reason these jobs were not available was due to regulations, which Mr. Trump promised to lift. That much he did; but the coal jobs are still lacking and workers refuse to retrain.

Perhaps this is due to Mr. Pruitt’s ability to blatantly lie as Mr. Trump does. Pruitt has claimed the administration has added over 50 thousand coal jobs to our economy on various media outlets. However, as the Washington Post points out, this claim is misleading at best, if not just downright dishonest.

Watch the video below to see The Washington Post’s Explanation:

Let’s be clear here: In any normal White House, just one of the twenty-three ethics violations pointed out by the Huffington Post would be sufficient to sink an administration. Review them here.

And to think conservatives made a scandal out of Barack Obama wearing a tan suit.

But we are not living in normal times now, are we?

No, we have a man who was elected to the office of President by no less than 61 million people. Moreover, he enjoys the largest support of White Evangelicals in modern-day political history; 81%.

One might be tempted to think that from that large pool of people, Mr. Trump could find somebody, anybody with sufficient moral character and judgement coupled with expertise to do their respective job correctly, right?


And, as pundits and analysts correctly point out: Scott Pruitt is a White House problem now. Why? Because Mr. Pruitt decided to sideline no less than four people from the EPA, who did not complain about his policies, but his ethics.

Worse? These four people are not career public servants, who are part of Mr. Trumps mythological “Deep State,” but people who support Mr. Trump, with two of them appointed to the EPA by he himself.

No, Pruitt’s ethical issues belong squarely at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, folks.

But if Mr. Trump cannot find career public servants to work in his administration due to his persistent berating of the civil servant, and, he actually believes in a mythological “Deep State” who is aligned against him, where in the world is he getting his advice from?

A peek into Mr. Trump’s persistent weekend trips to his private resort, Mar a Lago  gives us a clue. Last weekend, it was reported by The Hill that Trump dined with his friend and confidant, Mr. Sean Hannity, according to some sources twice in addition to golfing.

Other Fox News personalities visiting Trump at his resort include, Judge Jeanine Pirro, who welcomed guests in Mr. Trump’s absence due to his remaining in Washington over the Budget negotiations, by saying:

“Welcome to Mar-A-Lago. A magnificent place. It ain’t no sh$thole.” 

While readers are familiar with the “Judge’s” obnoxious and condescending attitude towards liberals, this video below will serve as a reminder:

Making matters worse, every single morning, it has been reported Trump watches his favorite program “Fox and Friends,” believing it to be “the most influential show.”

Let that sink in for a moment, folks!

As reported, last week, those from Fox provided Trump with a hard stance on immigration. What happened? We now have the National Guard ordered to go to the southern border, this despite illegal border crossings being down to a 46 year low.

To clarify: The Fox News Network has created a feedback loop for Mr. Trump. They tell him what to do, he does it, then watches for their response, and reacts once again.

In other words, it appears Fox News is running our nation and Mr. Trump is addicted to their network due to the praise and adulation they heap upon him.

Can anyone say, narcissist?

Perhaps somebody from Fox News then, could convey to Mr. Trump how Mr. Scott Pruitt has got to go; and now?