The Blue Wave Is Smashing Through The Republican Tax Cut Firewall

Republicans are worried because support for their tax cuts is weak,  and Trump keeps taking away from their message by starting tariff wars.

CNBC reported:

Last month, Democrats captured a Pennsylvania House district that Trump won easily in 2016. So far, 38 House Republicans have declined to seek re-election in a year Democrats need to gain 23 seats to recapture their majority.

Dave Wasserman, a top analyst of House races at the Cook Political Report, draws a striking conclusion from the failure of ads touting tax-cuts to save the Republican seeking that Pittsburgh-area seat. Public support for the tax cuts is weak enough, he says, that attention on tariffs or even the president’s relationship with porn star Stormy Daniels helps Trump’s approval ratings, and his Republican allies, more.

Republicans are divided on tax cuts versus tariffs messaging

The tax cuts are not motivating Republican voters like GOP candidates hoped they would. Meanwhile, the divide in their party between the free traders and the protectionists is only growing wider under Trump.

Republicans can’t decide on what their message should be. The free traders want to talk about tax cuts, while the tariff war supporters think that Trump’s moves will help them in the midterm election.

A party that is fighting over strategy this late has no strategy at all

Republicans don’t have a clear message to offer voters. This outcome should have been expected. Before 2016,  Republicans won elections by running against Obama. The Republican Party has not had to come up with a platform of policies since George W. Bush was in office. The GOP has nothing to run on because they have no vision.

A Blue Wave is coming, and Republicans are clueless

The blue wave is coming. Republicans hoped that the tax cuts would serve as their firewall, but the blue wave of Democratic enthusiasm has smashed through the GOP’s only plan.

The Democrats are coming for victory in November, while Republicans are bickering about what to run on in November.

Tax cuts aren’t going to save the Republicans, and Trump’s tariffs may only push them deeper under the political tide.



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