New House Ratings Show The Blue Wave Growing Into A Tsunami

The blue wave is growing into a tsunami as a new analysis reveals that Democrats need to win less than half of the competitive House seats to win back the majority.

Dave Wasserman of The Cook Political Report broke down the numbers, “Our latest ratings feature 55 competitive seats (Toss Up or Lean Democratic/Republican), including 50 currently held by Republicans and five held by Democrats. There are also three non-competitive seats poised to switch parties thanks to Pennsylvania’s new map (PA-05 and PA-06 to Democrats, PA-14 to Republicans). Overall, Democrats would need to win 27 of the 55 competitive races to win a majority. We continue to view Democrats the slight favorites for House control.”

Democrats being viewed as favorites to win back the House at all is significant

It was less than two years ago that the storyline was that the Democratic Party was deeply divided with no message or leadership after Trump and the Republicans took control of everything in 2016. The nation’s shift away from Trump and the Republicans in Congress has been unprecedented because the economy has not tanked, and there have been no dramatic events like a war in the Middle East to sour voters on Republicans.

What Republicans have demonstrated is corruption in the White House and incompetent indifference to the priorities of their constituents in Congress.

The power of the Democratic wave is most likely being underestimated by models and projections at this time. As Election Day gets closer, the true strength of the wave will become more apparent. Don’t be fooled by Democrats being listed as slight favorites. Democrats should be motivated by this news because it means that their efforts are working and if they push even harder in the months to come, a takeover of the House is well within their reach.

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