John McCain Brutally Blames Trump For Syria Chemical Weapons Attack

Senator John McCain (R-AZ), Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, tied the chemical attack in Syria to President Trump’s inaction and signal that he intended to “prematurely withdraw” from Syria.

McCain has a career of hawkish rhetoric, and indeed he criticized Obama for inaction in Syria as well. Indeed, President Obama aid in December of 2016 that Syria had been one of the hardest issues he had faced as president.

The Republican Party doesn’t tend to criticize their own side of the aisle, no matter how treasonous their behavior appears to the American public. This makes McCain’s accusations sting a bit more, and he’s not alone.

Conservative Jennifer Rubin lamented Trump’s “weak, lame” attempt to blame President Obama, which she likened to his Syria policy (weak, lame):

Trump has a lot of problems being president, but one of his biggest challenges (aside from his dubious loyalty to his country issue) is that he not only doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing, he lacks the judgment to attract good people and the temperament to rely upon good people.

Americans were weary after the invasion of Iraq, and wanted to focus on home issues, so many were attracted to Trump’s isolationist rhetoric during the campaign. But here it is, in action – and it’s not pretty. Syria is reportedly engaged in gross humanitarian abuses as dozens of people were killed by poison gas in Douma on Saturday. World leaders have long felt a need to be involved in Syria to protect their own interests when it comes to terrorism, Iran and Russia.

The United Nations Security Council plans to meet Monday afternoon over the attacks in Syria.