Roger Stone Is Worried That Mueller Might Set Up A ‘Perjury Trap’ For Trump During Interview

Former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone spoke to CNN‘s Anderson Cooper on Friday and said he thinks an in-person interview between the president and Special Counsel Robert Mueller would most likely end with Trump perjuring himself.

“There’s every possibility the special counsel is looking at some process-related crime that doesn’t relate to Russia,” Stone said.

For this reason, combined with his assertion that the Mueller-led Russia probe is “biased” against the Trump, that Stone believes the president would likely end up falling in a “perjury trap.”

“I obviously believe the special counsel has a political bias, as demonstrated by the FBI text messages and emails that have surfaced and the political nature of this investigation, so I think it is very dangerous for the President to do so,” he said.

Stone is referring to text messages that emerged between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, two former members of the Russia investigation who were removed from the probe in December after messages they’d sent to one another seemingly suggesting a pro-Hillary Clinton bias were discovered. This is despite the fact that there were also messages suggesting that they didn’t like Clinton, including one from Strzok that said “I’m worried about what happens if HRC is elected” and another saying “everything Sanders said about Clinton is true.”

Stone is right about the fact that Trump probably won’t be able to make it through an interview with Mueller without incriminating himself, but avoiding it would only make the case that he’s got something to hide stronger than it already is.

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