Assad’s Latest Syria Chemical Weapons Attack Is All Trump’s Fault

Trump told the world that he wanted US troops out, so Assad responded with a deadly chemical weapons attack on his own people. Trump is to blame for the Syria chemical weapons attack.

After Assad killed dozens of his own people in the city of Douma with a vile chemical weapons attacks, all the President Of The United States could do is tweet and tantrum:

Trump gave Assad the green light for the Syria chemical weapons attack

The token missile strike that Trump took credit for a year ago is now never mentioned.

It is not a coincidence that the chemical weapons attack occurred five days after Trump demanded that US troops immediately withdraw from Syria. As The New York Times reported, “President Trump has instructed his military commanders to quickly wrap up the American military operation in Syria so that he can bring troops home within a few months, senior administration officials said on Wednesday. He dropped his insistence on an immediate withdrawal, they said, after commanders told him they needed time to complete their mission.”

Obama is not the president. This chemical attack happened because Donald Trump signaled US weakness to Assad. Trump created chaos in US Syria policy with an impulsive demand, and the result was a horrific attack by the Syrian president on his own people.

Trump’s response isn’t to reverse his policy or learn from his mistakes. Trump responded by going on Twitter and blaming Obama.

Never has the United States looked so weak, and been as diminished as they appear to be under Donald Trump.