Trump Brags About Trump Tower Fire While Showing No Compassion For The Man Who Died In It

Trump bragged about how great his building was to be able to survive a fire without sprinklers, but he never mentioned the man who was killed in the Trump Tower fire.

Trump tweeted:

A person died and six firefighters were injured, but all Trump wants to talk about his well built the building was.

This wasn’t even the first Trump Tower fire this year

Reuters reported, “In January, three people were injured in an early-morning fire at the top of Trump Tower. One firefighter was hospitalized while two people received minor injuries that were treated at the scene, the New York Fire Department said.”

In the first four months of 2018, Trump Tower has killed one person, hurt two more, and injured 8 firefighters.

Here is something for Trump to think about. Well built buildings don’t catch on fire twice in four months.

If Barack Obama owned a building that was killing and injuring people, Fox News would be going ballistic and Congressional Republicans would be holding around the clock hearings, but since it is Trump, Republicans turn a blind eye while mumbling something about accidents happening.

Trump’s sociopathic tendency to not care about other people

Any other person in that situation would be distraught over someone dying in a fire in a building that they own, but Trump doesn’t care about the people that he is killing and injuring. To Donald Trump, the fact that the building didn’t burn to the ground is a “win.”

Trump doesn’t care about other human beings. The people who he lied to about bringing jobs back don’t matter. The people that he threw off of their healthcare don’t matter, just like he has no personal concern for the troops that he sends in harm’s way.

The big message is that Donald Trump doesn’t give a damn about you.