Trump Allegedly Once Called Man Killed In Trump Tower Fire A ‘Crazy Jew’

Patrick Goldsmith, friend of the 67-year-old art dealer named Todd Brassner who died in the Saturday fire at Trump Tower,  is alleging that the president once referred to Brassner as a “crazy Jew.”

The incident allegedly happened in 1996 when Goldsmith was exiting Trump Tower after visiting his friend, who resided in the building. Apparently angry at Goldsmith for looking at his small hands, Trump asked the doorman who he was. The doorman explained he was a guest of Brassner’s, to which Trump responded, “Oh, that crazy Jew?”

Goldsmith later let his friend know about the comment, but Brassner apparently shrugged it off.

“I’m a Hebrew, I’m not a Jew,” he joked.

Goldsmith added that he learned Brassner had already had “a go-round with [Trump] about something.”

Prior to his death, Brassner despised Trump and had put his apartment for sale in 2015 but had no success in finding a buyer.

Trump has been criticized for acknowledging the work of the firefighters who responded to the blaze on Twitter but not mentioning Brassner’s death at all.