Trump Admitted To Obstruction Of Justice On Live TV Following FBI Raids

Shortly after the news broke that the FBI raided the offices of Donald Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, the president became unglued on live television, calling the ongoing investigation a witch hunt, attacking Attorney General Jeff Sessions and suggesting he may just fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

As legal and political analyst Seth Abramson pointed out shortly after Trump’s lash-out, it’s hard not to view the president’s remarks on Monday as anything other than an admission of obstruction of justice.

Trump is helping Robert Mueller build the obstruction case

As Abramson laid out in his tweets, Trump essentially admitted that he’s been trying to undermine the Russia investigation in his post-FBI raid remarks on Monday. He’s basically helping Robert Mueller prepare his forthcoming obstruction of justice report.

But even without today’s unglued remarks from the President of the United States, the obstruction case was already strong – from firing James Comey and Andrew McCabe to attacking his own attorney general to threatening to remove Robert Mueller from special counsel, and so on.

There’s no telling what Trump will do or say next. But one thing we know for sure is, like today’s dumpster fire comments, it will only hurt his case.