Steve Schmidt Tells The Nation How Corrupt Trump And His Organization Really Are

It is one thing for liberal leaning political analysts or pundits to discuss Mr. Trump’s apparent meltdown yesterday addressing how his long time friend and lawyer, Michael Cohen is now at the center of a federal investigation and quite another  to witness Republican strategist, and former John McCain campaign Chief Strategist, Steve Schmidt doing so.

Let’s just say, Mr. Schmidt adds a level of credibility to the discussion. And last night, Mr. Schmidt on his appearance on The Eleventh Hour with Brian Williams guest-hosted by Nicole Wallace, provided viewers with such credibility.

Upon coming back from break, Nicole Wallace told Mr. Schmidt to “Go,” and boy did he. This is what the republican strategist had to say about Mr. Trump, the events which unfolded yesterday with Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen, and the Trump organization itself.

Said, Mr. Schmidt:

“Well, I thought what we saw today was extremely disturbing, Nicole. We see Donald Trump with his arms crossed, like a dime-store Mussolini, saying that an attack on the country, um, is what the result of a legally executed search warrant on his private attorney.

And what he really means there, is that anything that endangers him politically or otherwise legally, is in fact, an attack on the country. That the leader and the country are synonymous. And that just goes to show the degree to which Donald Trump doesn’t understand the United States of America.

And it’s because the United States of America is a nation of laws where the rule of law prevails and no person, even the President, is above the law.

And so, what we saw today in him today is using the senior uniformed military leadership of the country, as political props while he goes on this disturbing rant, while at the same time speculating about the use of military force and sending America’s fighting men and women into harms way.

It was a very, very disturbing performance, and per The Washington Post reporting, and I think its evidenced by his comments today, he seems unhinged, he seems off-balance, and he seems unhinged and off-balanced at an exact moment in time where he appears to be contemplating military action.

It was disturbing to watch him in action today; it was disturbing to see how he operates, but his reaction is obvious because this scandal has moved another giant step closer to the Oval Office.”

Joyce Vance, former United States Federal Prosecutor explained the significance of Mr. Cohen’s properties being raided and warrants served yesterday stating:

“An interesting opportunity for Mueller here is whether or not Michael Cohen will begin to feel some pressure, and whether or not he might conclude a plea deal with prosecutors in the Southern District of New York, that would give him a lighter sentence or lesser charges in exchange for cooperation with Mueller on the Russia investigation. That’s the real pressure point for Trump out of everything that’s taken place today.” 

Wallace then asked Steve Schmidt to “try to marry up these two developments today; the bombshell that the President’s personal attorney’s home and offices were raided, another no-knock warrant. I think the only other one we know about was for  Paul Manafort’s computers and devices and files with the news um with the new reporting in the New York Times that Bob Mueller is following the money, um and finding it leads to some pretty curious and interesting places,” to which Schmidt provides his most scathing critique of Mr. Trump since he has been elected to the Oval Office as he responded:

“Here’s the analogy I would use, Nicole: If a person who goes to the doctor and says, ‘I’m not feeling well, and I have some stomach pain.’ And the doctor does some tests and they come back and say ‘we have some bad news. We looked and what we see is cancer is everywhere.

And in the same way, I think what the prosecutors have done is that the empowering of the Special Counsel, that they’ve looked inside the Trump organization; they’ve looked at this collusion issue, but what they’ve found is that there is corruption everywhere.

Everywhere they look, from the former National Security Advisor, who is implicated in a potential plot to kidnap a US persons from US soil, to transfer that person to Turkey.

Or, sitting on the Inaugural dais and trying to do a nuclear deal with Russian interests. And the people that have lied about contacts with Russians; the Russians that have been indicted; other people that have been involved in financial transactions with Russians and who knows what Michael Cohen’s role is and involvement is in the Trump Tower Moscow Project.

So we don’t know what we don’t know, but what’s increasingly clear to me is anywhere you look inside this Trump Organization, it appears to be dirty.

For example, how is it possible um that suddenly on the precipice of a default, there’s a 1.2 Billion bailout for Jared Kushner’s 666 5’th Avenue?

Where did the 27 Million dollars from the Inaugural Committee disappear to with regard to Melania Trump’s friend?

To say nothing of Scott Pruitt.

To say nothing of the Citi or Apollo Group in excess of 500 Million dollars to Jared Kushner?

To say nothing of the Kushner organization’s trying to see access in Asia to the White House.

Or for the Trump organization to send a letter to the government of Panama saying that unless they get relief in the private business issue in Panama, between the Trump Hotel and a Panamanian business partner, that it’ll anger the President and there will be retribution on Panama.

So, everywhere you look, there seems to be the stench of corruption, and I think this is just another piece of evidence in what we’re going to see unfold that before very long the extent of the shambolic Trump’s organization’s corruption, and the dirtiness around this administration.”

Steve Schmidt, lifelong conservative is correct. Everywhere one looks, one finds corruption within Trump’s organization. Schmidt tells it like it is.

Why aren’t Republican lawmakers doing the same?

Watch the full interaction here in the video below: