With Panic Growing, Trump Ignores Questions About Firing Mueller


Reporters tried to ask Trump questions about firing Mueller and Rosenstein after his meeting with the Emir of Qatar, but Trump ignored them.



As reporters shouted questions about potential firings, all Trump would say was, “Thank you very much. Thank you all.”

However, Trump is reported to be enraged by the raid, and his babbling conspiracy rant on Monday after the raid occurred made it clear that panic has set in at the White House.
Trump is steaming, but he is also boxed in. If Trump fires Sessions and Rosenstein to get rid of Mueller, he will set off a crisis that will place impeachment on the table right now. Trump is flipping out over the raid, but all that he has been able to do so far is fume about how his attorney/client privilege is being violated and scream witch hunt over and over again.

If Trump tries to pull a Saturday Night Massacre to get rid of Mueller, he may force the hand of congressional Republicans who are trapped between supporting Trump and facing a potential bloodbath in the midterm election.

Republicans like having Mueller in place because he acts a firewall to keep them separated from the Russia investigation.

Trump’s refusal to answer questions about firings means that even he understands that he is playing with fire. If Trump triggers a crisis, Republicans might move to protect Mueller to save their own skins in November. If Republicans think that they are doomed, either way, they may let Trump do whatever he wants.

By not saying anything, Trump is showing that he is paralyzed and caught in a storm that he may never be able to get out of.

Decades of corruption are finally catching up with Donald Trump.