Another Republican Added To The List Of Those Fleeing Elections As Florida Lawmaker Announces He’s Retiring


House Speaker Paul Ryan wasn’t the only Republican to announce his plans to retire on Wednesday — Rep. Dennis Ross of Florida also said he’d be stepping down this year.

The legislator says his decision has to do with wanting to spend more time with family and needing to reconnect with the place he represents.

“Eight years takes its time on you. When you feel like a stranger in your hometown, it’s time to say, ‘There’s got to be an exit strategy at some point,'” he said in an interview regarding his departure. “My wife and I decided this is a good time.”


Speaking to POLITICO, he said, “There’s no regrets. There’s no investigation. No scandal. No nothing. I had a great fundraising quarter. Everything was good. But I got up Sunday morning and I’m reading my emails and the news and seeing what I need to do looked outside and said ‘My God, it’s beautiful today. ‘I gotta go out there and see that.’ And I thought to myself, it’s time. It’s time. It’s time to move on.”

Like some others on the long list of other Republicans retiring, Ross claims the move has nothing to do with the blue wave that’s so far been sweeping congressional elections, but it’s not something they’d admit to being the real reason behind their choices.

Image: Rep. Dennis Ross