With Laura Ingraham Back On The Air, Advertisers Continue To Flee

IBM became the 23rd advertiser to drop Laura Ingraham as Rupert Murdoch is standing behind her, but the network is losing money.

The Wrap reported:

“Laura Ingraham’s mass exodus of advertisers is picking up steam, as IBM quietly pulled its advertising from “The Ingraham Angle.”

“IBM no longer advertises on the show you referenced,” a spokesman for the company told TheWrap.

The tech company becomes the 23rd sponsor to boycott the show in recent days.

CNN reported that ad time on The Ingraham File has been cut in half, which means that Fox News is making half as much as they used to in ad revenue off of her show.

The Ingraham boycott is only getting worse

Fox News sent Laura Ingraham on vacation for a week to let the boycott cool down, but instead, Ingraham lost more advertisers as soon as she came back on the air. The pattern of these advertiser boycotts has been that once the advertisers leave, they don’t come back. Going on vacation for a week doesn’t make the problem go away, as the boycott returns as soon as the host does.

Rupert Murdoch wants to make a point by supporting Ingraham, but even he isn’t going to sit around and lose money forever. If the boycott continues to grow, Ingraham will be gone, as at the end of the day, even Fox News will only put ideology over profit for so long.

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